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Scripts for Educators Presents:


A simple web-based address book system


Program Summary
System Requirements
Files Needed

Program Summary:

AddrBook v1.0 is a simple, yet flexible web-based address book system. It lets people search the address book, look up entries alphabetically, or add themselves to the directory. (You may also disallow users from adding entries.) The admin user may delete entries, and change the admin password. In addition, when setting it up, you may choose to disable access to any of the search or lookup features and keep those password-protected.

In the setup, you may choose what fields you'd like to have in your address book. By default, the fields are Last Name, First Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, and Website. You may add or subtract fields for your own purposes. For example, to make a sort of Gradebook, you might have Last Name, First Name, Student ID, Class, Quiz 1 Grade, Quiz 2 Grade, Exam 1 Grade, etc. NOTE: Remember to be aware of privacy issues -- if you do use this for a gradebook, you might want to consider NOT using the students' names. :) To use this for, say, a list of book ratings, you might make the fields Title, Author, Publisher, Date, Rating.

There is a working version of AddrBook online for you to try out, as well as a demo of the admin interface. WARNING: These are public demo's, folks. Some people enjoy adding entries with language which may not be appropriate for all viewers, and since the demo is used to demonstrate functionality, is not censored for this type of thing.

System Requirements:

The web server where this script will be run should be Unix or Windows NT with Perl 5.000 or higher. I regret that I can no longer support Perl version 4. It shouldn't matter what the web server is as long as you can use cgi scripts, and it shouldn't matter what browser the user has as long as it supports forms, tables, and the POST method.

You must be able to execute cgi programs on your web server. If you're not sure whether you have permission to do this, or are not sure how to configure the files, please ask your system administrator or technical support staff for your web server.

Files Needed:

The following files are required. You may download the package in a gzipped tar file. For Windows users, WinZip 7 and above support the tar.gz format. You may find WinZip at NOTE: if you have Netscape or Internet Explorer, and you want to download this, try holding down the "shift" key while you click on the link. This should give you the option to download the file.

Unix: Type "gunzip addrbook.tar.gz" then type "tar -xvf addrbook.tar" to uncompress and expand the package.

The following files should be included with this distribution.

the actual program that generates the address book entries, and so forth.
This is a plain text file which will contain the address book entries. It should start out as a plain text file with a line that says:
# This file will store all your address book entries.
This is just a file that will be used to contain the encrypted password for this system. It should start out as a plain text file with the word "password" in it.
contains information on how to get started using the program. READ THIS before you get started!
This file

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